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Partagas Chicos - box 5

Partagas Chicos - box 5

Partagas Chicos - box 5

This brand is named for its founder, Don Jaime Partagas, who began manufacturing in 1827. Partagas cigars won gold medals in at least three international expositions between 1867 and 1884. There is no doubt about the strong, intense flavour of this line and it is still produced in the Partagas factory, renamed Fernando Perez after nationalization. The range is immense and it would be hard for a smoker not to find a Partagas which fits his or her interest in size or shape. Partagas Chicos have earthy aromas since the beginning and coffee notes during the smoke. They have a constant strongness, sometimes unexpected.
Type of packing
4 1/8 ''
Mini Panatela
Card box

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7,25 EUR

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